Kodomo no Hi

Kodomo no Hi

The centuries old name for the May 5th festival is "Tango no Sekku". It was known as Boy's Day, whereas March 3 is "Hinamatsuri" or Girl's Day. Some decades ago, Boy's Day was changed to Children's Day to celebrate all children. The most popular seasonal display is the "Koinobori" carp windsocks that are flown outside the home. This symbolizes the strength and determination that is displayed by carp swimming upstream, and it also represents the legend of the carp that flew into the heavens and became a dragon. Traditionally, a family would display a large black carp for the father, a red one for the mother, and smaller carp in various colors for the children in the family.

Other May 5 displays include a "Kabuto" helmet, armor, dolls and banners. The delicious "Kashiwa mochi" is served, which is mochi filled with red bean paste, and wrapped in an oak leaf. Since May 5 coincides with the blooming of irises all over Japan, this flower is also associated with this festival.  

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Happy Children's Day!

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