February Book of the Month - Origami!

February Book of the Month - Origami!

Irene's guest this month is origami wizard Michael Sanders.  We discuss the mysterious origins of origami in Japan, a craft that started with the introduction of paper from China, brought to the country by Buddhist monks in the 6th century.  It developed over the centuries and finally became popularized worldwide in the 1950s when origami became universally known.  Today, the concept of folding teaches geometry, mathematics, and has practical uses in engineering and design.  Plus it is a fun and endlessly entertaining craft!  This is a a unique Japanese craft that spans from the ancient days into the future.

Bunkado and Michael have been collaborating for years, and Bunkado has a special corner to display his works that include some pieces that are too precious to sell.  He has also brought in works by his colleague, Joe Hamamoto, whose geometric works that draw interest and inspiration.

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