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Tokio & Suye Ueyama    

We are still at our original location pictured here during Nisei Week festivities in the 1950s.  Bunkado means "house of culture" in Japanese.  It opened in 1946 and is located in the heart of historic Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles, at the site of the first Japanese owned business in Los Angeles.  Bunkado was founded by artist Tokio Ueyama and his beloved wife Suye. 
Tokio & Suye inside Bunkado


Nisei Week queen and court in front of Bunkado in the 1950's
Nisei Week queen and court
Bunkado in the 1950's
Suye's youngest brother Masao Tsukada and his wife Kayoko inherited the store in 1970 and ran it successfully for decades

Masao and Kayoko's daughter Irene took over the reins in 2007.  Irene and her husband, retired police chief Steve Simonian are delighted to be able to continue the family trade.  After almost 70 years in business we have become a favorite destination for those shopping for Japanese gifts, tableware, decor, and other unique items from all over Asia. Our large selection and deep inventory also attracts professional buyers for film, television and stage, as well as restaurants and interior design. We are excited that our customers can now order online.  If you are ever in Los Angeles, please come to the store to enjoy the full experience, and for a fun and memorable time.
 Masao Tsukada & his sister Suye


"The Evacuee"
Tokio Ueyama oil painting of Suye in Amache Internment Camp
    Kayoko Tsukada
 Irene (Tomoko) Tsukada Simonian posing for students from Occidental College during an interview


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